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Aseptic pigging station





Aseptic Pigging station

Modern recovery systems are used for fast, easy and reliable emptying of pipelines. They are also used for the separation of different batches or products within an aseptic production process .

Why aseptic pigging technology?

  • maximum product safety - maximum product use
  • reduced environmental impact and disposal costs
  • reduced cleaning time and costs
  • minimized water consumption
  • minimized chemicals consumption
  • used for liquid and pasty products
  • 100-% pig cleaning for CIP and SIP
  • aseptic pigging holder

The investment pays for itself on average after seven (!) months.

The straight-way valves D4 (manual version) and D71 (pneumatic version) in hygienic and aseptic design can also be found in our catalog.

Die Entnahmeventile D4 und D71 in aseptischer und hygienischer Bauform
finden Sie ebenfalls in unserem Katalog!


These valves are also available in manual or pneumatic versions in our catalogue in Chapter 2.

The development of the RIEGER double sealing valve DD to piggable variant N4 allows users great savings in resources. The cost savings of product, water, cleaning agents, environmental pollution recoup the investment within a very short time .

  • one-piece solid valve housing
  • no welding distortion in the product space
  • only 3 seals + CIP valve
  • additional flushing valve optional
  • secure CIP/SIP cleaning
  • maximum product benefits
  • minimization of cleaning water consumption
  • minimizing chemical consumption
  • low environmental impact and waste costs
  • valve has utility model protection
  • available in 3-A variant


The N4 is also available in our catalogue in Chapter 5.

Please refer to the AWH brochure „Hygienic Pigging“ For more information about types of pigs.



Drive and speed control of the pigging device

For secure treatment of sensitive products we offer ready-made modules for driving media feed.

The compact module includes all connections for driving/controlling.



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