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TA-Luft certified valves (=He-Leackage Test)

The Clean Air Act is the first general administrative prescription of “Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz”. It entered into force on 1 October of 2002 .

"TA-Luft" means "Technical Instructions for keeping the air clean."
It should reduce "leaks" in components as flanges, valves, pumps, etc. considerably and thus contribute to active and preventive environmental protection .

As an aid in selecting the modules, on the Guidelines VDI 2440 and VDI 2200 is multiply referenced.

On 30 October 2007, the transitional period for the fixed assets concerned ended.

and all components must comply with the new state of the art. RIEGER offers valves that meet these new requirements


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In honorable memory of our founder, Senator Henry Ehrenberg, who will mark his 100th birthday on April 26th

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