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General information on our valve program

RIEGER manufactures all popular single seat valves and double seat mix proof valves
in aseptic and hygienic finish. These valves bear to the fact that in the dairy, food and
beverage industry
maximum productivity, safety and quality are achieved.

Examples of available valve versions can be found in the table:
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aseptic hygienic
Single seat valves Logo Logo
Double seat valves N7 Logo
Sampling valves N7  
Safety valves   N7
Flow control valves N7 N7
Overflow valves N7 N7
Valve clusters N7 N7
Pigging systems N7 N7


New production techniques and high safety of process plants are the challenges of the future.

Basically manufactured in Germany from solid material, the valve housings satisfy even high
demands on water hammer protection, cleanability and stability. True to size and fit,
they fit into systems, whether as a single valve or integrated in a valve manifold and therefore
are inter-changeable.

Due to the modular system is a trouble-free change between

  • hand and pneumatic actuator

  • hygienic and aseptic design


Even the conversion of the closing function of

  • spring-closing/air-opening on

  • spring open/air close to

  • air open/air closed

is simple to perform.

Thus, you can easily customize RIEGER valves to changing process requirements and rebuild themselves from NC to NO and vice versa.

The program is complemented by TÜV , EHEDG , TA-Luft , PMO and 3 -A certified versions of our valves.


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